Divi Alt Text plugin:
Get images alt text
from media library

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Divi Alt Text plugin

Automatically fetch images alt text from media library
for your Divi modules!

What is image alt text?

Alt text is an image attribute associated to the HTML image tag <img>. Its purpose is to literally describe the content of the image.

Screenshot of HTML code showing an image tag with alt text attribute

Why is alt text so important?

Visually impaired pictogram


Alt text is essential for web site accessibility, as it is used by visually impaired people’s screen readers. It is a way to describe images for them, so that they can understand better the reading context.

Note that it is also displayed when image coudn’t be loaded (bad/slow internet connection, network problem, wrong image link…) to describe the missing image.

Binoculars pictogram


Alt text is also a very important tool for SEO. It is indeed the way Google can understand, and thus, index your images.

Besides, Google likes quality websites. In other words, Google likes when people like your website. So, the least you can do to achieve that is making your website accessible 😉

How does Divi handle alt text?

Divi doesn’t get images alt texts from WP media library for its image-specific modules. It’s only possible to specify alt text in the module settings.

So you have to manually set alt text to these modules settings, and if any change is made later in the media library, you will have to manually update all the modules.

This is so wrong!

Screenshot of Divi image module attributes with a red cross over it

What Divi Alt Text plugin does:

This plugin allows you to automatically get alt text from media library for the following modules:

→ Image, Blurb, Fullwidth image, Fullwidth header, Slider, Fullwidth slider

Additionally, you can also fetch image title from media library for these modules:

→ Image, Fullwidth image, Fullwidth header

Screenshot of WordPress media library image attributes with a green check

What about image title?

Image title is not so important on a website: it is used by browsers to display a tooltip on mouse hover.

But Divi Alt Text can do better, fetching it from media library and using it as alt text when alt text is not set. This is very useful when all alt texts are missing in the library, because titles are automatically set on image upload.

Screenshot of Divi Alt Text options panel in WordPress backend

Ready to use

Default settings at plugin’s activation are OK for most websites, so you have nothing to do:

Divi Alt Text will try to get alt text from library, use the title if alt text is not set, or use the module settings alt text as last choice.

Easy to customize

If you need more control over alt texts and titles, you can use the advanced options to:

  • fetch title from library,
  • force title as alt text,
  • force alt text as title,
  • ignore alt text or title.

Why has Divi Alt Text
become a paid plugin?

Some people asked me if I could add options to the free plugin to handle image titles, use title instead of alt text or vice versa, etc… I spent a lot of my free time trying to combine all these options properly and making a quality plugin.

Besides, I don’t have the time to make this blog grow any more, for I have to put it in more profitable projects. This might help a bit.

Finally it seems that Elegant Themes is OK with not fixing Divi and directing users to my free plugin!

All these reasons convinced me that I had to try to monetize this work.

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